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Hobbico Mounting instructions

 1.      You may cut the wires at the lengths of 2.5 inches to the positive far pole

         terminal and 2 inches to the near, curving the wires around in the machined

         pocket. Separating the wires will ease placement in the pocket and you will

         want to shave some of the raised plastic on the Hobbico housing around the

         wires (towards the center) to facilitate the bend and fit into the pocket as

         it is a rather compact fit.

    2. There are crimp connectors attached to the terminals which you

          can remove (pull off) and crimp or solder to your wires. Take care to

          connect them for proper directional spin of the starter motor.

    3. By removing the upper acorn nut on the Hobbico housing you can

          screw on the 5.0mm x .8 hex coupler provided. (Loctite)

    4. At this point you can attach the adapter to the Hobbico Housing

          using the 5mm cap screw provided.

    5. You can then align and drill for the two 3mm (.118") screws also

          provided. As an alternative, if you have the tools and

          inclination, you could drill and tap the housing for those

          screws and avoid the difficulty of putting the nuts on the

          screws within the recesses of the housing's backside. If you use

          the nuts, I would suggest using loctite to prevent them from

          vibrating off.

    6. Slide the battery on and don't let it jump from your hand from

          the startup torque!