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Text Box: Sullivan Mounting Instructions

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Photographic Instructions

1. You may cut the wires at a length of 1.5 inches to the negative far pole terminal and 1.25 inches to the near, curving the wires around in the machined pocket. Separating the wires will ease placement in the pocket. You will want to shave some of the raised plastic on the Sullivan back housing around the wires to facilitate the bend and fit into the pocket as it is a rather compact fit.

2. Remove the acorn/closed/domed nuts on the Sullivan front and back side plastic casings. Then remove the backside plastic housing and the Sullivan motor assembly screws from the back side. The nut is integral with the shaft and the front side metal motor casing is threaded. Flip the assembly screws over and run/screw them through the front side plastic housing and front side metal casing until they clear and the smaller shaft diameter allows the screws to be carefully pushed through exiting the backside metal motor casing.  Then you can install the 10-24x.450" hex couplers provided on the reverse side inside the rear housing and add loctite if you wish. Then replace the backside housing and hold in place with tape (temporarily) if you wish.

3. There are crimp connectors attached to the terminals which you can remove (pull off) and crimp or solder to your wires. Take care to connect them for proper directional spin of the starter motor.

4. At this point you can attach the adapter to the Sullivan Housing using the .95" 10-24 cap screw and .75" 10-24 Countersinking cap screw provided.

5. Slide the battery on and don't let it jump from your hand from the startup torque!